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Badija is the island closest to the Old Town Korcula and it takes only 15 minutes by taxi-boat to get there. A famous 14th century Franciscan Monastery is located on the island.

Franciscan Monastery on Badija island

The island has beautiful beaches and swimming spots with crystal clear sea. You can walk around the whole island or find a private little beach to relax. If you are lucky, you could see or even feed the deers that live on the island and are usually not afraid to come near people. There is a restaurant where you can have lunch or just a drink.


The second largest island in the Korcula archipelago with the village of the same name. Vrnik is the place of the oldest and most famous Korcula quarry. There are only couple of families living in the Vrnik village. You can reach the island by a taxi-boat from Korcula port.

Vrnik island (photo:gorgonija)


Proizd is one of the most beautiful islands you can find in Croatia.  Walking through well organized forest trails and listening to thousand of cicadas will take you to breathtaking rocky and pebbly beaches. The sea is clear and has a stunning blue color perfect for swimming and snorkling. At the pier, there is a small restaurant where you can enjoy fresh fish and other specialties.

Proizd island

It is located near Vela Luka. There is a bus connecting Korcula with Vela Luka. From Vela Luka you need to take a taxi-boat to Proizd.


Mljet is the greenest island in Croatia. Visit Mljet and enjoy the beauty of the Mediteranean vegetation. The sea around the island is clear and clean, rich in fish and marin life.

Benedictine Monastery in the middle of Veliko Jezero lake (photo:bestofcroatia)

Mljet is well known for it’s two salted lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero, located on the north end of the island. The lakes are visitors’ favourite swimming spots. On the small island in the middle of Veliko Jezero lake, there is the old Benedictine Monastery. North west part of Mljet is one of the 8 Croatian National Parks. You can come to Mljet with catamaran Krilo Star.

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